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Courtney Richards

The Rev. Courtney Richards is a global missionary focused on mentoring young leaders in the church, helping men to be better men and better fathers, and training others to make disciples. He graduated from Bethel in 1987 with a B.A. in psychology, and has also studied theology at Jamaica Theological Seminary and received an M.A. in psychology from Wheaton College. From 1991-1996, Richards worked at Bethel as director of student life, associate dean of students, assistant professor of psychology and counselor. He also served at Jamaica Theological Seminary as head of the behavioral and social sciences department and senior lecturer in psychology, counseling and spiritual formation. He is now the founder and international director for RENEWED Ministries, whose mission is to engage in evangelism, mentoring and leadership training in the Caribbean and around the world to help persons come to their full potential for the glory of God.


For me personally Courtney Richards is a friend and a dad. He is a dad I wish I had. A man of God with love for his kids, and actually shows it to his kids. I have greatly changed all because of Him. He has shown me places I never even thought an average guy like me would ever see. God, without a doubt, sent him to my life. Great things he has done for me, and greater things are yet to come for our father-son relationship.

-Ntokozo Mkhize, Bhekulwandle, South Africa

I thank God for my brother and my Dad, Courtney Richards. We have been blessed by the training, it has changed our lives. Before Courtney trained us how to make disciple, we were just preaching But now we do. We, through his teachings, have planted 4 new churches. Our pastors are doing things according to the bible, and things have now changed. We pray that God opens doors for him to finance the ministry in order to continue training leaders who will also train others.

-Pastor Isiko Charles

Jinja, Uganda

Courtney is a very influential person in my life. He has taught me how to walk in integrity, to be transparent in my relationships and to have a Purpose Driven life.

-Charmaine Dunkley Hamilton

London, England

Courtney Richards and RENEWED Ministries have impacted Ireland through mission teams. Their contact after the mission trip with the young people they met had a lasting impact in particular with some coming to know the Lord. Courtney's ministry in the Newcastle area impacted a number of lives who have since developed into church leaders.

-John Moxen

Dundrum, Northern Ireland

Rev. Courtney Richards has been a spiritual father and mentor to me for close to 14 years. His gifts of time, resources, advice, affirmation, love, example, exposure and opportunities for ministry experience have had a profound impact on me and my family as a whole. Today I serve as a pastor and president of the Southeastern Caribbean College. The person I have become has been significantly shaped by having such a humble and dedicated servant of the Lord journeying with me and being a model of Christ in my life.

-Rev. Zifus James Ph.D. (cand.)

St. Lucia

Rev. Courtney Richards, M'zei, my wise friend and spiritual leader has impacted my life and family in ways that will outlive us both. Through his mentoring relationship with my husband, Pastor Zifus James, we have received the gift of a steady man of God who is capable of leading our family. Through times of laughter and sharing with our family, he has brought much joy and great fellowship into our home. As a spiritual leader, his words of wisdom are repeated in my mind..."I give myself away so you can BRUISE me Lord"... Sacrificial service, dedication to discipleship - these virtues are worth following so thank you for being a great example M'zei!

-Shelly-Ann James 

St. Lucia

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