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News and Prayer Update (July 27,2016)

Hello friends and prayer partners, it is a joy to greet you on this hot summer day here in Mishawaka/South Bend, Indiana, USA! I trust that the grace, love, blessings and favour of God continue to rest mightily upon you and your loved ones! Bless His Holy name!

I have been having a wonderful time here meeting with friends, mentees, prayer partners and supporters of RENEWED Ministries. What a blessing to have such loving, kind and generous persons in my life partnering and helping me to fulfill God's purpose for my life and ministry. I thank God for these special people in this special place!

I've also been resting and reading and spending lots of time praying for various ones that we support and help train in ministry all over the world or that I mentor! I have been praying for YOU too, my friends and prayer partners! It is such a great joy to pray for people and to pour your life into others for the Kingdom and glory of God! The Lord told me last year that my life must be a life of prayer so it is a joy spending much time every day praying for various persons, some who I do not know but who are connected to my friends and prayer partners. It is also a joy to be sharing God's word on Sundays in churches here in Indiana and to see how God is moving in people's lives. Please pray for the seed of God's work will bear much fruit in the many persons who have heard and have responded to His word!

God willing, tomorrow, Thursday, July 28th I am scheduled to leave for Brown City Camp in Michigan to speak until August 7. I am the main speaker and am scheduled to preach 5 morning sessions and four evening sessions over the next 11 days! In addition, I am scheduled to teach 5 afternoon sessions on mentoring relationships. Please pray for GREAT anointing on all the speakers and the thousands who are expected at camp so we will hear from God and OBEY and DO what He tells us through His ministering servants! Pray for safe travel and God's protection care, provision and good health for all of us. Pray that I get good rest and am renewed and strengthened by God's grace and power!

I am in the midst of raising support for ministry in St. Lucia, Guadeloupe and possibly Guyana for the rest of the year. I still need another $4000 US approximately to help me cover my travel, accommodation, food and related expenses. In addition, four of my sons and I are invited to "The World Needs a Father" trainers training in Colombia, September 7-11 in Bogota. We will be trained in their specific curriculum (developed by my friend Cassie Carstens in South Africa) to train others in being better men, better fathers and husbands and also to help boys understand the issues of being a man according to God's word! This is indeed welcome as we in RENEWED Ministries have, for years, been committed to men's ministry and reaching men for Christ and helping to transform their lives by the power of God's word and God's Spirit! Most of our expenses are paid for but we collectively will need about another US$1000 to cover our tickets. Please prayerfully consider sending us a generous gift to help meet these expenses. We are currently working on electronic giving through PayPal and will inform you shortly. In the meantime, you can give the regular way by sending us a check to: RENEWED Ministries and mailed to RENEWED Ministries, P.O. Box 1229, Mishawaka, IN 46546. In Jamaica the address is: RENEWED Ministries, C/O Rev. Teddy Jones, The Missionary Church Association in Jamaica, 9 West Avenue, Kingston 8, Jamaica, West Indies.

May God's grace abound to you more and more and may He prosper you immensely in every good work for His Kingdom and glory! Shalom Aleichem! Coram Deo!

With much thanks and appreciation! My prayers are constantly going up to God on your behalf!

Always in God's grip,


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