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Back from Brown City Camp

Hello friends! ! I'm back in Indiana from Brown City camp in Michigan!!! It was awesome!!!! Yesterday, Sunday, morning I spoke on the Holy Spirit from Luke 11: 1-13 about the man who shamelessly disturbed his neighbor for food at midnight to serve his friend who'd arrive unexpectedly. Jesus applied this to how we should pray for the Holy Spirit and I spoke directly to the Church situation and customs saying that sometimes we have to break customs and traditions to let the Spirit work!!! We must be willing to shake up and disturb things if that's what God wants. We must be open to all of His gifts and manifestations!! The altars were flooded with people many weeping including men and some asking for healing too. Last week Monday night was very special as well. It was Missions night so I was led to speak on fulfilling God's mission and vision for our lives. Probably 75 to 100 mostly young people came forward to surrender to God's mission. I was EXHAUSTED at the end of that night's ministry too as I left everything on the pulpit!! The entire week was uplifting and deeply rewarding. I made a lot of new friends. The people there are very friendly and hospitable. Let us pray that the fruit of God's work in so many lives will multiply and bear even more fruit for His Kingdom and glory! Bless God! Hallelujah!

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